Creating high performing leaders and teams using Insights Discovery

Using global inspiration, I utilise training and coaching to create entrepreneurial and creative workplaces so that people feel safe to be innovative and are the best version of themselves.

I’m passionate about what I do and radiate this through an enthusiastic energy whilst training or coaching

I’m particularly enthused when others share my passion and wish to perhaps…

  • Develop the way they lead, inspire and motivate others
  • Enhance their leadership of people, enabling high performance in others through coaching or having challenging conversations
  • Develop trust in teams – valuing and respecting differences to maximise team effectiveness.


All sessions are delivered in person and are tailored to your individual needs.

Interactive Zoom sessions are also available if your teams are national or international.  Coaching can also be undertaken remotely if required.


Stuck – either personally or professionally and need support to make changes?

Executive and professional coaching. Confidential and professional support, with or without an Insights Discovery psychometric profile.

Insights Discovery Personal Profiling

Want to develop your self-awareness and utilise a globally used psychometric tool?

This is a unique profile for you, to understand your personal preferences in the workplace and how this impacts the way you interact, lead or manage others.

Training and Team Development

Have a team who need to improve the way they work together?

I provide a wide range of management/leadership training. If you would like an inspirational team development session, Insights Discovery is an ideal way for teams to really understand each other.

My inspiration comes from practical tools, the work of current thought leaders and leadership styles aimed to enable others to maximise their potential.

I utilise Insights Discovery and many principles of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in both my coaching and training.  I especially love enabling managers to become more effective at motivating and inspiring others as well as working directly with teams to become more effective and self aware.

New eLearning Service

Fancy doing some learning at your own pace to develop your self awareness in the workplace?  This eLearning will lead you towards having your very own Insights Discovery profile which will contain excellent guidance on your strengths/weaknesses, blind spots, development areas and other chapters on working with others.

I am always open to have discussions on your current challenges –

that 20 minute conversation can often shine the light on your next steps, even if initially you don’t know what those are!
Please do get in touch. | 07876 563787