What is Insights Discovery?

Insights Discovery is a personality profiling tool, based on the teachings of Carl Jung.  It uses 4 colour preferences to determine personality types.  Nobody is any one preference, we are all a mix of the 4 and we can learn to flex across all four in order to improve our communication and connection with others.  The starting point on learning what we need to dial up or down, has to begin with understanding ourselves first – hence the use of the profile.

Is it the same as DISC or Myers Briggs?

No, but it is similar through the use of similar underpinning psychological research. Insights is a global organisation and has been in operation over twenty years. The Discovery tool can be used in a range of contexts including customer service, leadership and team development, change management and creativity – it is highly versatile and memorable and if you have had a profile from another organisation previously, your learning will be easily translatable.

How is a personality profile helpful to my organisation?

Having employees complete an Insights Discovery profile will enable individuals to improve their self awareness, help managers to get the best out of their teams and improve communication both internally and externally.  It is a tool which enables people to take responsibility for themselves and their own personal development.

What are the 4 colour preferences?

The 4 preferences are:

Fiery red

Sunshine yellow

Cool blue

Earth green

What do the colours represent?

If you have high preferences across the colour energies, your behaviours will be represented in the following ways:

Fiery red – competitive, demanding, purposeful, strong-willed, and determined

Sunshine yellow – sociable, dynamic, demonstrative, enthusiastic, and persuasive

Cool blue – cautious, precise, deliberate, formal, and questioning

Earth green – caring, encouraging, patient, sharing, and relaxed

Is Insights Discovery just for teams?

No, it can be highly effective for individuals for their personal development and for managers in their leadership development.

What do you need to do to get a profile?

You will need to complete the online evaluator, which takes about 20 minutes to complete. It is a good idea to complete the evaluator when you are feeling relaxed and have time to sit down and go through it.  The multiple-choice questions generate your unique profile – approved by the British Psychological Society.

What happens next?

We will arrange a date and time for a workshop or one-to-one session where we will go through the profile, wheel positions and the underpinning learning to explain how the profile works. These sessions are interactive and especially when teams are together, will enable them to work better together, building on strengths and being aware of blind spots.

How much does it cost?

The profiles are used in coaching sessions and workshops, and much depends on the number of chapters that will be required.  Prices start from around £100 per person and it is best to contact me for a free chat about what specifically you need.

How do you use the profiles in training?

The profiles are used at the start of personal, team or leadership development programmes as developing self awareness is essential for the creation of improvement plans – either team or individual.

What team development training do you provide?

Insights Discovery is great when used in teams – we sit around a large floormat of the Discovery wheel, learning about each other in a fun, colourful and interactive way.  Full day team sessions include group exercises, reflection, learning and action planning.

What leadership development training do you provide?

Everything delivered is bespoke and I will draw upon learning from existing or new material to meet your specific needs.  I draw upon good practice and theories from current thought leaders and always ensure the learning is fun, interactive and practical.

Do you provide training and coaching to sole traders or SMEs?

Absolutely yes!  I’ll work with people on an individual basis and with groups where larger organisations have a greater demand.  Personal and leadership development is exactly the same regardless of your context.  The only pre-requisite is a desire to learn and improve!

What if I know I need to learn and improve and don’t know what that is specifically?

That’s where a good chat can help to identify your needs and any development activity can be tailored specifically for you or your team. Contact me for more info!

I am always open to have discussions on your current challenges –

that 20 minute conversation can often shine the light on your next steps, even if initially you don’t know what those are!
Please do get in touch.

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