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Personal Growth

For Managers & Leaders

Tailored to senior executives or recently appointed operational managers, improving self-awareness is at the heart of this course.  Typical content includes:

  • Insights Discovery – your personal preferences
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership v Management
  • Flexing your leadership style
  • Establishing your leadership ‘purpose’
  • Identifying your personal values
  • Recognising links between our values and motivation
  • Determining ways to be productive and not just busy!
  • Committing to action to improve your transformational leadership


Being the Best Version of Yourself

For individuals wishing to commence  a journey of self-discovery

Appropriate for anyone who wants to develop on a personal level, examine their career path and make choices to improve their self-development.  Typical content would include:

  • Establishing your core ‘purpose’
  • Identifying your personal values
  • Examining your ‘wheel of life’ – looking at the different areas of your life and how you spend time in each of them
  • Insights Discovery  – developing your self awareness and personal effectiveness
  • Authenticity and how to flex from this to connect with others effectively
  • Challenging our ‘bad day’ behaviours
  • Supporting and coaching each other
  • Setting out a personal development plan
delegates using the insights discovery team wheel, for management and leadership training
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Resilience & Agility



Being aware of our typical responses to situations and practicing positive techniques are the starting points for learning to choose how we respond to challenges.  Using stress positively can be hugely empowering – knowing we absolutely have choices in everything we do.  Typical content includes:

  • Insights Discovery – the causes and resulting behaviours in stressful situations
  • The difference between stress and pressure
  • Establishing our purpose and values
  • Identifying our triggers and own limiting beliefs
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques to help with decision making
  • Use of positive language for our own and other’s benefit



We all have our preferred thinking preferences which enable us to process information and make decisions.  Learning how to be more agile and utilise different thinking preferences can improve our flexibility which will in turn provide opportunities for different results.  Remember – if we do what we’ve always done, we’ll get what we’ve always got…  Typical content includes:

  • Insights Discovery
  • Jungian Preferences & Insights 4-SITE model of thinking styles
  • Practicing different techniques to develop flexibility
  • Recognising the benefits of different thinking styles in teams
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Optimisation of People & Performance


Managing people is one of the most challenging aspects of management and leadership.  Utilising your previous learning from Insights Discovery, you will learn techniques to positively flex your style.  Using Forum Theatre with actors, enables delegates to see how ‘not to do it’ and then direct a sketch using the techniques learnt on the training.  The actors then facilitate small groups to practice the skills learnt during the day – enabling an increase in confidence and the chance to rehearse in a safe environment ahead of the real thing!  Typical content includes:

  • Insights Discovery
  • Recognising the impact of our leadership style on others
  • Techniques for coaching and challenging/improving performance
  • The use of positive and proactive language
  • Setting of outcome focused objectives
  • Practicing the techniques to improve confidence


Managing and Inspiring People Virtually


Since the middle of March this year we’ve seen a shift to greater levels of remote, flexible, and home working.  This provided an opportunity to shift my delivery to Zoom and also the inspiration for this new course.  Containing key messages from other courses, this is a short 3-hour course, delivered remotely with lots of interactive discussion and activities. 

It is not a webinar, so, therefore, is limited to 6 delegates to ensure the session is as close to a training session as possible – conversational and two way. 

The content includes:

  • Reflecting on your leadership behaviours and how they impact others
  • Considering how you behave under pressure
  • Exploring the human impact of remote working
  • Recognising the importance of social interaction
  • Reflecting on the impact of change on people
  • Identifying the behaviours we will need to model to inspire our teams and build trust
  • Reinforcing the team purpose and managing by outcome-focused objectives
  • Considering how we can be more productive and not just ‘busier’
  • Inspiring and motivating others through coaching
managing and inspiring people virtually


Why: Delivering Results


It is people who deliver results and getting the balance right between people/results is the key to success.  Utilising the work of a range of current Thought Leaders, this course will inspire you to establish a high performing team of people who achieve great results, whilst loving what they do.

Typical content includes:

  • Insights Discovery
  • Your strengths and challenges in your personal style when delivering results
  • Your decision making preferences
  • Defining your why & purpose, before the how and what
  • Setting outcome focused objectives
  • Inspiring others through positive language and the modeling of great behaviours
  • Creating safety within your team to enable creativity and innovation
  • Establishing the difference between finite and infinite leaders

Transformational Change


Starting with a clear purpose, making change clear and easy to manage is the key – balancing both people and processes.  Utilising the latest thinking in change management plus other methodologies, this training is suitable for any level of manager or leader.  Typical content includes:

  • Insights Discovery – knowing our preferences in change helps us to flex and adapt our style to effectively lead others
  • Different types of change
  • Our decision making preferences
  • Different change models and practical tips for leading change
  • The importance of acknowledging values during change
  • Managing resistance
  • Use of positive language and coaching others through change
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Healthy Teams


Utilising Insights Discovery, team development sessions can be full days or a smaller part of a day of team activities.  Team members will recognise the differences their colleagues bring to the team and how to value and respect these – making a commitment to each other to adapt their styles.  Typical content includes:

  • Insights Discovery – identifying the differences and component parts of the team, working effectively with your opposite type
  • The stages of team development
  • The Insights Team Effectiveness Model
  • Recognising conflict and managing it positively, respecting differences
  • Use of positive language and developing a learning culture within the team
  • Establishing a contract of commitment to each other


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