Client testimonials and feedback is always welcome, here is what some of my clients have said about my services.

Liz’s approach and style is different to other coaches and support I have experienced in the past; she has a really engaging and enlightening approach with a way of getting me to realise the changes I am making and the growth I am experiencing myself without simply telling me. Her style of being engrossed in your session and almost getting excited when you are reaching these conclusions sets her apart. We have so many ‘Aha!’ moments in my sessions, as well as a lot of fun and laughs (sometimes tears too).

My coaching experience with Liz over the past 12 months has been remarkable and transformed the way I interact with people around me and the way I manage and think about difficult and challenging events; both personal and professional. Liz has not only given me access and understanding of tools across a host of various sources; which I would never have found myself but through her own unique way of probing and listening has also helped me to think and feel differently about situations and people around me. She challenges me on a regular basis pushing me to pull through my learnings in our sessions into practical areas of my work and home life.

“The Insights Discovery workshops Liz has run for managers at different levels of our organisation have been invaluable in helping people to better understand their own and colleagues’ natural leadership styles, strengths and areas to develop further. We’ve had really positive feedback from those involved – senior leaders, middle managers and first line supervisors. We are extending this work to cover practitioners in our operational teams too, to enhance team working throughout the services

We’ve been working with Liz Gait for over a year now in her Sub Contracting Role, in a variety of coaching, leadership training and workshops to facilitate development across our management groups. Liz has a very unique, honest and transparent style where she is quite happy to abandon text book and work to what reality presents her as well as offering so many different tools, methodologies and techniques to work toward resolving issues and development challenges. Liz is a joy to have embedded in our organisation from a training and development perspective and I wish her well with all that she goes on to do within other businesses. Thanks Liz for all that you have done and continue to do with our teams. We all very much appreciate and acknowledge the successes you have had.

“Liz provides a really interesting insight into your own personality and helps you to understand who you are as an individual. She is really good fun to interact with and makes what seems like a potentially very critical experience nothing of the sort. I will be recommending Liz to quite a few professionals that I know would benefit from the services she has to offer you. Thank you for showing me a path forwards to my personal development. Its worth noting the current climate and the fact that it was all delivered online which did not hinder the delivery and learning experience!”

Michael Bond – Gemma Charlotte Events Ltd – Director.

“Liz is an extemely personable, approachable and knowledgable trainer. She has extensive knowledge on coaching, NLP based practice and many other areas. I would thoroughly recommend her for any corporate training band also business coaching or personnel mentoring.”

Amy Smith – Dragonfly Pilates

“I have worked with a Liz for many years. Liz has an amazing skill to engage and challenge individuals and groups. We have run a lot of (supply chain) supervisors workshops where Liz has led an inclusive and fast paced session. For many delegates it was their first experience for years in their personal development. Liz ensured each benefited and optimised the opportunity. I recommend Liz for you leadership and management development needs”

N.E. – United Livingunited living logo

Liz has a natural talent for coaching. Trained in NLP techniques as well as other models she is perceptive and authentic in her coaching style. As well as having her own clients, Liz supervises other coaches to support their professional development. Liz remains curious to keep learning and growing as a coach and I have always enjoyed and appreciated Liz’s warmth and support as a fellow coach within Worcestershire County Council.”

E.R. – Workplace Coach & Mentor

I have known and worked with Liz over the last two years, in the areas of coaching and training/development and have found her to be naturally able and well practiced in how to get the best out of people. She has a talent for getting to the route of the situation, using her background and experience to achieve real progress for both individuals and teams.”

J.E. – Mentoring for Leaders

“I have no hesitation in recommending Liz. I have known and worked with her for over 10 years and she is an exceptional trainer and coach. I have received training on numerous occasions from Liz and have been so impressed I have organised for other members of my team to go too. Her enthusiasm, whatever the subject matter she is training in, is infectious and she is always well prepared, knowledgeable and welcoming. Liz is a first rate trainer and has the ability to communicate the subject matter in a way that makes the student feel motivated and enthusiastic too. Liz operates to the highest standards – she is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.”

K.W. – University of Gloucestershireuniversity of gloucestershire logo

I have had the privilege of being trained by Liz in a variety of situations including management development and Insights as well as working alongside her as a coach and in every aspect she is fabulous. She brings common sense, fun and a depth of knowledge to all areas of work as well as her sunshine yellow personality. I would have no hesitation in recommending Liz and if I had the opportunity of working with her in the future I would jump at it straight away!”

C.D.G. – Coach & NLP Practitioner

“Liz has taken me through the Insights Training and Coaching which I have to say has been one of the most useful, interesting and practical personal development activities I’ve ever done – and I’ve done a fair bit! This has been mostly due to Liz’s enthusiam and knowledge which brings the whole concept and process to life – and her personal manner which makes discussion and ‘insight’ a real pleasure and genuine discovery. If you haven’t seen Liz in action then you must!”

P.S. – Paul Sampson Associates

‘This training has really made me reflect on my leadership approach and helped me to understand the skills I need to dial up or dial down to achieve the best from staff. The training really worked virtually too, the trainer was engaging and enthusiastic, it was interactive and fun!!’

RB, Herefordshire Council

Liz has been instrumental in the development of hundreds of young volunteers at the World Scout Center, supporting our teams with regular training, coaching and specifically awareness and understanding of the insights profile. Her enthusiastic and adaptive approach has meant that she is always highly recommended and remembered. Recently, Liz was able to facilitate a whole day of learning remotely, and again the whole team was impressed with the way she kept us engaged and learning. Thank you Liz!

Jack Higgins – Director at KISC

Hi Liz,

I just wanted to thank you for today’s training. 

Getting to even try to begin to understand people is a very difficult thing (unless that’s your bag as it were), so I feel the Insight’s way is a really accessible way of enabling this.  You learn as much about yourself as about others I have found with both the courses we have done.  It is much appreciated.

Thank you

RT, Office of the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner


I cannot thank you enough for your delivery of the Training course I found the course so interesting and fascinating all at the same time.

The way you delivered kept everyone engaged, I honestly haven’t been on a training course that has been so well delivered for a long long time and will look forward to meeting you again hopefully in any future courses you run.

I have learnt so much not only leadership skills but a lot about myself and my character too, Cool Blue, Sunshine Yellow will stick with me forever.

I have already put into action some of the skills from the course which have had positive outcomes

CP, Herefordshire Council

What fabulous sessions you’ve provided over the past few weeks – I really feel ready to approach whatever I happen to come across now (and look forward to the day it feels far more natural) what inspiration these sessions have brought for even more personal growth. Many Thanks


Kate Baldock – Ancala Water Services

I’ve learnt about using a more professional based relationship rather than friendship based.


It was great to have a session with the whole team and focus on our strengths and weaknesses as we aren’t together very much.



Absolutely love your training!


I will be actively seeking out those with different styles, approaches and thinking.


The training provided me with a deeper understanding of my personality and reinforced some beliefs I held about weaknesses and areas to develop.


You’ve pressed the re-set button!
I’ve definitely been in a comfortable place and that’s about to change…
I feel better equipped to support the team with more objectivity and structure


I thought that the environment that Liz provided encouraged collaboration.

We were made to feel comfortable and open to sharing thoughts and ideas.

Liz is a true inspiration!

Gaining facilitation skills has been most beneficial for me and has given me more confidence to facilitate the Torfaen Rebel group.

I am always open to have discussions on your current challenges –

that 20 minute conversation can often shine the light on your next steps, even if initially you don’t know what those are!
Please do get in touch. | 07876 563787