Bringing together leadership, management, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Insights Discovery, all coaching is entirely bespoke and individually tailored. Outcome and person focused, coaching is great to learn how to positively manage personal or work challenges at an Executive or Individual level. My style is facilitative, positive and empowering – inspiring all those I work with to discover untapped personal resources, discover new learning and how to overcome any limiting beliefs we put in the way of our progress.

NLP won’t change you.  What it will do is enable you to understand and implement positive behaviours and adopt clearer communication. This is what will lead you to greater self-awareness and fulfilment.

Attending my coaching sessions will help you to unlock the barriers that are holding you back – both personally and professionally.

I have been an NLP Practitioner since 2009, Master practitioner since 2013 and an Insights Licensed Practitioner since 2010 and will use these within the coaching process.

NLP coaching interview

This is an interview I did for the Mental Wind Down radio programme on NLP coaching. You can listen to the whole programme, however, if you prefer, you can skip forward approximately 50 minutes and you can hear what I have to say.

*please note, you will have to sign into Spotify to listen

I am always open to have discussions on your current challenges –

that 20 minute conversation can often shine the light on your next steps, even if initially you don’t know what those are!
Please do get in touch. | 07876 563787