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Imagine Having Your Own Roadmap for Team Success?

Imagine having your own roadmap for team success?   Often it isn’t until we ask people to work with others in teams, that we realise differences in working styles, how we react to things, how we make decisions or process information. All of these dimensions are different from person to person. The best...

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Using Insights Discovery to Develop Your Self-Awareness

How developing your self-awareness through Insights Discovery can transform your leadership style and inspire others… Have you ever heard someone say this?  I manage a team, so why should I care what my Insights Discovery preferences are?  Surely people just need to take me as I am?! This is the ‘like it or lump...

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Learning on-the-go: the launch of our new eLearning offering

We were delighted to unveil our new online learning platform at the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce’s recent Business Expo. Liz officially launched our eLearning programme at the annual Business Expo hosted by the local Chamber of Commerce, held at the Three Counties Showground last week....

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What Are The Colours In Insights Discovery?

Many people come to me saying ‘oh you do the colour thing’ and obviously, yes that is true, but there is also a lot more to it than that – the first being that you aren’t one colour, you’re a fabulous mix of all of the four colours. We refer to the colours as preferences or energies, noting that the combination...

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World Thinking Day – 22nd February

Did you know… … Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting and his wife, Olave Baden-Powell, the first Chief Guide, shared the same birthday – 22nd February?  They met in January 1912 on the ocean liner SS Arcadian when Robert was on his way via the Caribbean to New York to start a lecture tour promoting...

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Optimisation of People & Performance

Optimisation of People & Performance In a series of six blogs, I’m going to explore 5 top tips under each of the GROWTH headings, with the purpose of generating ideas on how we can be the best version of our leadership selves.  Some of you may be pausing at this point to say you are not a leader, however, we...

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