Why is redoing an Insights Discovery profile beneficial?

You can use Insights Discovery at any team development stage so that you can improve its collective performance. Sometimes, redoing the profile also has several useful benefits. Here are a few reasons why youredoing an insights discovery profile for developing self-awareness could redo an Insights Discovery profile:

1. It will allow your team to work more collaboratively. Individual performances do matter but being a team player matters just as much. If helping another colleague increases the team’s productivity, then this has to be a priority. Insights Discovery enables people how to work together effectively together. If the team shines, that light reflects on you as well.

2. Your position on the wheel may have changed. You may have addressed your weaknesses which has raised your colour energy in a particular area. Being aware of where your strengths and weaknesses lie can help you be a more effective leader.

3. It builds a level of trust among all the team members because they can have more in-depth conversations about the strategies they have in mind. They can share their needs with their colleagues to work better as a team.

4. The team leader or team manager becomes more aware of their leadership style. They have a better idea of how to effectively communicate with other team members and adapt to new situations more easily.

5. Redoing an Insights Discovery profile after a period of time can show how a person has grown and developed both personally and professionally.

6. Insights Discovery not only improves communication among team members; it also boosts the confidence of representatives who face customers to speak with them confidently.

Companies grow through collective brilliance with individuals having a growth mindset. Revisiting your Insights Discovery profile can help boost your organisation’s success, with the added benefit of enabling more effective communication both internally and externally.